Sales Tax Agony: How SaaS Execs Can Navigate Tax Liability

South Dakota vs. Wayfair, VAT MOSS, economic nexus – sales tax terms that sound familiar but what does it mean in practice for SaaS businesses selling internationally?

Join Paddle CFO Hugo Grimston and our in-house tax accountant, Rachel Ross, as they introduce the Paddle Tax Agony Index, an international sales tax database for SaaS companies, and discuss how you can avoid the common pitfalls and the sizable penalties for getting it wrong.

✅  The regulations and processes in key jurisdictions
✅  Tax compliance challenges and how to overcome them
✅  The 3 routes to compliance and deciding what’s right for your SaaS business
✅  Your sales tax questions answered by Paddle CFO Hugo Grimston 

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Narek Safaryan, CEO, Renderforest

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Sara Tandowsky, VP of Operations, Framer

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Hugo Grimston, 

CFO at Paddle

Rachel Ross, 

Tax Accountant